A unique show of doubles of Russian and Foreign pop Stars Anatoly Schastyev.
Today you call His name - tomorrow have fun and rock TOGETHER!!!


Anatoly Schastyev
singer and composer, working in many musical styles, dancer, bongo performer and showman, infecting everything around with positivity, able to get and satisfy the most refined audience.
Anatoly is a graduate of the Moscow Pop and Jazz College Gnessin class pop vocals with artistic experience of more than 30 years.
For a long time he worked abroad in various clubs and concert venues, winner of the Paradiso Superstar-95 competition in Amsterdam, as well as a member of the "Cappuccino" cover band. It was Anatoly who performed the song "I always take a video camera with me" to the screensaver of the TV show "My own director".

The idea of creating Show doubles of Russian and Foreign pop Stars was the long-term participation in the official tribute of the ABBA group, a collective called Super Trouper, as well as the voiceover of TV Show programs such as "Dancing with the Stars" and series such as "The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik", etc. Many years of experience working abroad, knowledge of English, as well as the ability to move, transform, change his voice beyond recognition, allowed Anatoly to compose his repertoire from among the most diverse artists in the image and style of performance. This is the uniqueness of this show, performed only live, the repertoire of which is constantly updated with new images of the Stars of the first echelon.
In the repertoire:
1. Elvis Presley
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Prince
4. Paul Stanley(Kiss)
5. The Europe
6. V. Leontiev
7. A. Serov
8. A. Malinin
9. I. Nikolaev
10. Bon Jovi
11. D.Coverdale (Deep Purple/White Snake)
12. R.Plant (Led Zeppelin)

13. Gangster party in the style of Chicago 30-40 years.

Anatoly is ready to present a new image of the artist you named specifically for your event.

The repertoire is constantly updated with new images and is performed only Live!!!


Your Celebration simply shines with all the colors of the rainbow from the number of Pop Stars present at it. And they are all represented by a single Artist!
You will not need to rent expensive equipment for an expensive musical collective and transfer with a hotel for all round trips. Your Celebration is in the hands of one Professional!
The flexible discount system works throughout the year. For example, book the date of your Celebration a month in advance with a 50% prepayment and get a 10% discount.



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  • Шоу-двойников Звёзд Российской и Зарубежной эстрады
  • С Филиппом Киркоровым
  • Кастинг мюзикла We Will Rock You!
  • Elvis Presley и его поклонницы
  • Freddie Mercury и его почитательницы
  • Prince


    • Изображение
      Erna Bortz
      Director of the "New CRM"
      Anatoly was invited to the anniversary of his mother. Anatoly has a very interesting rich program - he appeared in different images, "merged " into the image of the singer being performed very quickly, before the eyes of one person transformed into another. At the very end there was a disco - everyone danced! The evening passed in one breath ! I really liked the artist 's work ! Everything is at the highest level - very professional !Thanks to Anatoly for making this day unforgettable!
    • Изображение
      Samaya Schastlivaya
      Sales Manager of CJSC "Rybka"
      Anatoly! Thank you very much, we are very glad that you decorated our holiday and in general you made a great holiday out of an ordinary feast!!!
    • Изображение
      Tatiana Veselkova
      Gymnasium Teacher 1576
      From July 24 to 29, 2021, my friends and I spent unforgettable days on the ship "Princess Victoria". A special "highlight" of the cruise was the meeting and acquaintance with the musician and singer Anatoly Happy. Two wonderful musical evenings have added a lot of fun to our journey! The sea of positivity, musicality and energy of Anatoly, for sure, did not leave any viewer indifferent.
      Link to the review in VK

      Technical Rider

      1. Voice system (portals) of the required capacity.
      2. Two microphone stands.
      3. Mixing console with sound processing processor reverb \ hall for 4 inputs on stage.
      4. Monitor-sound - 1/2 pcs.
      5. Separate dressing room with mirror.
      Payment procedure: 50% of the fee – at the time of conclusion of the contract. The remaining part of the fee (50%) at the venue of the concert before it starts.

      Anatoly Schastyev

      Anatoly Schastyev


      Want your Holiday to remain in your memory and the memory of your Friends for a long time as one of the brightest life events, then do not think, but just contact me by calling or sending a message!
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